Frequently Asked Questions

►    Why did my helium inflated balloons fall so quickly?

Helium filled latex balloons last approximately 10 to 12 hours. After that, the helium will slowly start to seap out. To make sure balloons last longer, we offer Hi Float (at an extra cost). Hi Float is a balloon treatment that coats the inside of the balloon maximizing the duration to 48 hours.

►    I put the Hi Float solution. How come my balloons did not last 48 hours?

It is possible for ballons to be defective, decreasing its duration. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell whether balloon is defective or not prior to inflation. For instances like this please call the store.

►    What is your return and exchange policy?

Return policy of 21 days after purchase with a receipt. No refunds on sale and seasonal merchandise. Unfortunately, no, we do not accept returns without a receipt. It is important to keep your receipts. 

►    What do I do if I need balloons to last longer than 48 hours?

Mylar balloons, Bubbles and Obz inflated with helium and any air filled balloons will last longer than 48 hours, please come see us in store and we can provide you with different options.

►    Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver. Delivery fees vary depending on the destination. For accurate quotes, email or call the store nearest you.